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For some time now I have been growing my knowledge about all types of medicinal herbs. Whilst maintaining my garden of herbs I have decided to share with you some homemade products using herbs straight from my garden. Whilst the demand for herbs is higher than my growth, I do also add herbs from a local supplier. As my knowledge grows, I hope to grow my products giving you what you may be missing from your self care time. That is herbal care.

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Our Story

Bringing to you The Herbal Child.

Since day one, I've been working tirelessly in order to create a product that offers more than just body care but also an experience to relax to the aromas of the earth. Using only locally sourced and home grown ingredients, our collections are carefully selected using only the best herbs ensuring to give you a meditative like feeling and to relax your mind, body & spirit.

We also use Hemp in a range of our products as we are great supporters of this plant and currently we are only able to provide you Hemp Seed Oil products. In the future we hope to bring to you items that will include CBD & THC pending on our Australian laws.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or suggestions.